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  • Can I get an Ambi Cut?
    Yes if the set you want is not cut for an Ambi Safety I can modify the set for what ever style you have. This is a no charge option. I stopped cutting sets for ambis since there are so many different styles of attachment avaible beyond the Offside Leg retained by the right grip. Just add a note in the shopping cart and make the request
  • What finish do you use?
    Depends on the type of wood uesd. On Walnut, Maple and other Northern species I prefer to use Polyurethane for its high wear characheristics. Tropical Hard woods like Cocobolo, Rosewoods and other Resin heavy species it is simly polished to a hig natural gloss but given a light coat of finishing wax
  • Custom Order?
    Yes Custom sets are avaible they take about 8 weeks to complete and start at $150.00
  • Modifications?
    Yes I can add a Bevel Base if the set is Flat bottomed or a Pin Cutout or Ambi Cuts. These are no charge options. Just add a note in the shopping cart and make your request.
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